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  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville

    I am 40, fat and out of shape. I joined this gym because I had always wanted to learn how to box. From the very first class, I could tell that this gym was the real deal and that Coach Abdul was going to push me harder than I had trained in years. When I walked into my first class, he didn't write me off as some fat old guy. He gave me the same attention that he was giving the athletes he was training for competition. That meant that he also expected me to push myself as hard as the other guys. Over the last several months I have learned more about myself and pushing my limits than I did in 10 years of military service. Coach Abdul cares for his students, but he will not accept anything less than 100% from you at each class. If you are looking for a challenge and a great environment I couldn't recommend this gym enough! 

    Chris C.
  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville

    Has something for everyone!

    BEST jiujitsu in Kentucky. Very friendly and diverse group to train with. Whether you are trying to get in shape, learn how to defend yourself, or wanting to compete, Core Combat Sports is for you!

    Justin B.
  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville

    Core Combat Sports added Krystal Kettler to their facility, Piloxing and insanity instructor. Krystal and her classes are awesome. Give her classes a try. It will kick your butt, but there is low impact if you need it. ( I am 56, sometimes I need it, but I feel great.)

    Bridget S.
  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville

    This place has the nicest facility in Louisville, KY. With multiple world champion instructors. Including 2x World Champion Helio Soneca. If you are in Louisville and looking for a place to train, this is the place to be! They offer Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Judo a unique style of cross fit, Kettle Bells and they have experienced personal trainers. The prices are pretty cheap for what you're getting as well.

    Bm C.
  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville

    We love Core!!! Our son has learned so much, has great instructors and made great friends!! I would recommend any of the classes at Core!

    Katy W.
  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville

    I have had the opportunity to visit and train here while TDY at Ft. Knox. I have been practicing Krav Maga for over 12 years and have experienced many different levels of teaching styles and personalities. This facility is top notch and the instructors are clearly knowledgeable about the material and can teach it in a way that will push you to you limits while focusing on proper technique- something not every school focuses on. This training facility is legit and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to begin training in Krav Maga.  I cannot speak to the other programs offered but given the opportunity, I wouldn't hesitate to join in those either. Thanks for letting me visit and train!

    Jessica W.
  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville

    Amazing place! Very welcoming. Excellent high level various training. Trainers are extremely energetic and motivating. My daughter and I both love CORE!

    Vicki V.
  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville

    My schedule gets in the way of my training a lot, but Core keeps me coming back. There are a variety of classes to help perfect any skill. I'm proud to call the Krav Maga group my friends. Great instructors, great partners, great gym.

    Michelle L.
  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville

    An absolutely fantastic gym experience. The best in the area whether you are interested in physical fitness, competition, or self-defense. I've been training there many years and I love my time there. Can not recommend enough.

    Eron R.
  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville

    Amazing place to train. High level instruction and an awesome place. It's a very welcoming atmosphere for everyone from the beginner to the experienced practitioner.

    Matt R.
  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville

    First class professionals. I love the environment and the training is INTENSE

    Melvin S.
  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville

    A gym "of lions". Whether you are looking for self confidence, getting in shape, flexibility, power, strength, self will find it among friends here.

    Sam L.
  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville

    Best workout ever! If you don't sweat you're not trying hard enough! The trainers are great, helpful and motivating!

    Edward G.
  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville
    Core is amazing. If you're going anywhere else to train you are cheating yourself.
    JP C.
  • Kids Martial Arts Louisville

    Phenomenal gym with the best group of members that you could wish to be associated with. It's one big family!

    Matthew S.

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