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Why Core?

Core Louisville / Why Core?

Original Combat Sport Gym In KY

Rolando Haddad opened CORE Combat Sports in 2002. Since then, CORE has become one of the top combat sport gyms in the country. CORE offers top-level instruction from world-class instructors who will take you to the next level.

Rolando has high-level training in many different martial arts. He has a Black Belt in Krav Maga, a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and extensive training in Boxing and Kickboxing. He has been successfully teaching Krav Maga for more than 15 years to civilian, law enforcement, and military personnel.

Check out this throw-back video that explains why CORE best gym in the region. Since this video was recorded, our number and quality of programs has only gotten better even as we have stayed true to our training philosophy.

World Champion Trainers

CORE quickly attracted world champions and international icons:

  • Abdul Jarvis: Former World Champion Kick Boxer and Professional Boxer
  • Helio Soneca: 1996 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion, 1997 Brazilian Champion, and 6th Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt
  • John Wortley: US Judo Masters Silver Medalist and Eight time Kentucky Judo Champion
  • Terri Blair: Three Time International Boxing Association World Champion
  • Justine Kish: World Muay Thai Champion

World Class Athletes

Our talented instructors have produced some of the finest athletes, who have successfully competed in the highest level of martial arts. Several of our instructors remain competitive to this day, leading CORE students to continually place well in state and national BJJ, Boxing and Judo tournaments, as well several athletes successfully competing at international levels of MMA and Muay Thai.

World Class Fitness Programs

Each world champion at CORE has been interviewed for various media publications, and they all, without hesitation, sing the praises of the CoreFit program for taking their game to the next level. CoreFit is similar to Crossfit in that it employs plyometrics, bodyweight resistance exercises and strength training. CoreFit however, uses the Russian Kettlebell free weight system, which is widely regarded as the most effective strength-training regimen for combat sports, and optimal for extreme fitness in general. The beauty of CoreFit is it will not only get any newcomer in the best shape of your life, it will prepare even the most demanding world-class athletes for combat athletics.

Law-Enforcement Friendly

Several of our instructors and many of our students are active or retired law enforcement officers of all ranks and specialties. CORE is extremely proud to be a renowned “go-to” name in, not only local, but national law-enforcement training programs. CORE has hosted countless private seminars and training sessions for elite military units, specialized law enforcement as well as basic defensive and combat training for local police forces. Being proud and avid supporters of our service men and women, we offer discounts for all law-enforcement and military personnel. Call or email today to find out more.

State of the Art, 10,000 Square Foot Facility

The only facility of its kind in the region, Core stands with the best combat sports gyms in the nation. A huge, 10,000 square foot facility boasts a complete fitness center with squat racks, rowers, TRX ropes, an array of free weights, and other equipment. We also have three large training halls for our various disciplines, complete with deluxe padded mats, heavy bags, speed bags, MMA and wrestling dummies, and not to mention a full-sized, professional Boxing ring.













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