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Muay Thai

Muay Thai

Muay Thai simply means “Thai Boxing” and is a modern evolution of the art of unarmed combat developed by the ancient Siamese (Thai) army. A more descriptive explanation of Muay Thai exists, however, in its popular nickname of the “Art Of Eight Limbs.” This nickname also explains the difference between Muay Thai and standard Kickboxing. Muay Thai employs the use of hands and feet, but also knees and elbows to create a total of eight devastating weapons in a skillfully trained student. It is no wonder that Muay Thai has become a necessity in competitive MMA, since all matches begin standing, and almost all fighters lead with strikes, if even to set up takedowns. As a result, we highly recommend any Core student wishing to compete in MMA, trains in Muay Thai, as it will prepare them for any striking scenarios encountered in the cage.

muaythai_guysTraditionally, Muay Thai matches are held in a square “ring,” much like like Boxing or Kickboxing and vary in length depending if the fighter is amateur or professional. Core Combat Sports carries a rich history in the tradition of Muay Thai and is proud to have had several, highly successful Muay Thai competitors and MMA fighters train at the gym. Some, like our phenomenal instructor Justine Kish, have even brought world championship and stadium championship belts back to Louisville.

Justine developed the current curriculum after training and competing with the renowned Fairtex and Sinbi camps in Thailand. Learning firsthand from Muay Thai masters such as the legendary Saenchai, Justine brought all the deep techniques, ringcraft, and tricks-of-the-trade learned in Thailand, home to Core Combat Sports. The curriculum focuses on pure, traditional Muay Thai as well several practical adaptations for “Dutch Style” Muay Thai, which leans toward heavier punches, and kicks, less elbows and knees and some slightly different defensive techniques.


What You Will Need

A Core Muay Thai student will need 16 oz gloves and shin guards to start, although loaner gear is available for first time students who want to try the class.  In fact, it is recommended you come to class and get suggestions from the instructors on what brands are sturdier and more durable, and Core even sells high quality gear in the pro shop. As you advance, you may find that the lighter Muay Thai bag gloves are helpful in clinch work, to practice kick catches and tree-topping techniques. A groin cup for male students, and a mouthguard are always advised.


What You Will Learn

In the Muay Thai class, some of the areas you will master are:

  • Effective warm up exercises, breathing techniques and stretching
  • Marching drills while maintaining guard
  • Defensive kick checking and kick avoidance
  • Defensive punch parrying and punch avoidance
  • Punching techniques and combinations
  • Kicking techniques and combinations
  • Elbowing techniques and combinations
  • Kneeing techniques and combinations
  • Clinch techniques in defense and offense
  • Throws and foot sweeps
  • Physical conditioning
  • Partner drills in all techniques
  • Sparring when advanced enough

Find out why so many combat athletes are gravitating to Muay Thai and sign up for your free class today.

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