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Kid’s Classes

kids_box1While Core Combat Sports remains the region’s leader for combat athletic development, it is also known for having a family-friendly atmosphere. One of our primary focuses is to provide programs to train tomorrow’s champions today, and our two kid’s programs accomplish exactly that.

Kid’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Part of our world-class BJJ program is the classes specifically tailored for kids. In these hour-long classes, boys and girls will learn everything from the basics of balance, solid “base” while doing fun, relevant warm-up exercises. Academic foundational knowledge such as the dominance hierarchy is also instilled and world-class BJJ techniques are taught, such as sweeps, escapes, take-downs and submissions.

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes include live sparring when the young student is ready, and newcomers are paired up with partners of the closest appropriate experience, size and strength. All kids love the sparring aspect of jiu jitsu as they get a chance to put into practice what they have learned, and this ultimately helps them pay attention and focus when new techniques are being shown as they know they will have the opportunity to use it later.

In the Kid’s BJJ program, progress is measured by ascending belt ranks, conforming to the Gracie Barra grading system of youth BJJ belts. Team Core kids are also encouraged to participate in tournaments, and these events are always a great time of family and team fun for all the students.

Kid’s Boxing

With the grappling and ground defense covered by Kid’s BJJ, the standup and striking are covered by our renowned Kid’s Boxing program. Legend Abdul Jarvis begins shaping the next generation of Boxing prodigies with basic marching stance drills, correct punching technique, punch “numbers,” footwork and combinations. As the kids develop, and the instructors feel they are ready, kids can spar with appropriate protective gear if they want to. Kids usually love sparring, as it provides the ability to put into practice what they’ve learned, and hone their combinations and footwork.

The Kid’s Boxing program allows students as young as seven years old to participate, and in the hands of such expert instructors it’s no wonder Core students consistently bring home Golden and Silver Glove trophies, not to mention winning matches in a variety of other local competitions.

In the Kid’s Boxing program, progress is largely measured by competition, and under the careful scrutiny of the instructors. We strongly support Team Core kids in competition, but competing is not required  to participate in the Boxing program. Safety equipment is always worn in any level of contact competition, and these events are always fun and inspirational team events.

Why Martial Arts Are Good For Your Child

In these days, the more time your child can spend away from a TV or computer screen, and more getting fun, physical exercise the better! But the most important virtues that Martial Arts instill in kids are respect, discipline, sound work ethic and social cooperation. The myth that Martial Arts training teaches kids violence has long been dispelled, and in fact, the opposite has found to be true. Children with Martial Arts training have been found to resolve differences more effectively, to manage anger and frustration in more constructive ways and to have a much healthier self esteem. There is of course, also the added benefit of your child being able to defend themselves against violent bullies, should the situation ever arise.

Another significant discovery made recently is that Martial Arts can greatly help children with ADHD to focus better, expend excess energy and more easily develop friendships. In fact, we’ve found kid’s naturally adapt to the group environment and develop strong relationships that are likely to last into adulthood.

Core’s Kid’s BJJ and Kid’s Boxing programs have enhanced the lives of scores of students, with kids often showing improvement in school grades, social skills, and family relationships.

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