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Learn more about our Core Performance Summer Camps to jump-start your strength speed and agility this summer.

Not only is CoreFit the most unique, and effective training system for combat sports in the region, its high-energy workouts are designed to develop dynamic fitness levels for the entry-level student, all the way to Core’s world champion athletes. CoreFit combines the undisputed power of Russian Kettlebells, body weight exercises, medicine balls, sandbags, power ropes, TRX suspension training, plyometrics, and other non-traditional strength regimens to provide a fun, effective workout every time. There is simply nothing else like it in Louisville.

But don’t be intimidated. The CoreFit instructors take pride in accommodating all fitness levels, and the workouts are constantly varied. CoreFit is designed so that a beginner can easily work alongside a professional athlete in this unique format. It truly is an all-encompassing fitness regimen, and the overall focus is to increase cardiovascular endurance, functional strength, flexibility, and agility in all students.

CoreFit’s expert instructors also focus on tailoring drills and various “station exercises” to each student’s unique needs, and work alongside you as you develop and sculpt your body at your own pace. The beauty of CoreFit’s scope is it exposes weaknesses in all students, (even our elite athletes) and enables the instructors to figure out how to fill the individual’s gaps.

CoreFit will help you overcome fitness hurdles that may have hindered you from the body you’ve only dreamed of, or athletic excellence you know you’re capable of, but somehow just can’t reach. Regardless of age, gender, or ability, from rank beginner to recreational fitness junkie to professional athlete, CoreFit will boost your strength and conditioning to new levels. You show up, CoreFit will deliver the results. Sign up for your free class today,  and join our friendly, zero-intimidation crew of fitness junkies.


Some of the benefits you’ll experience with CoreFit


  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Incinerate unwanted body fat
  • Develop a powerful body
  • Boost your overall strength
  • Gain confidence
  • Supercharge your conditioning levels
  • Boost your energy
  • Eliminate back pain
  • Enjoy working out again

Find out why the CoreFit classes are so popular, and once people try it, they usually become fixtures in the CoreFit community. Sign up for your free class today.

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