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Core Combat Sports has long been the region’s leader in Boxing, with legendary trainer, Abdul Jarvis, a world-champion boxer and kick boxer who has trained local Golden Gloves winners, propelling fighters to the highest levels of both amateur and professional competition. One particular prodigy is Core’s own Terri Blair, who holds no less than three world championship belts. Core’s Boxers frequently compete (and win) various tournaments including the prestigious Golden and Silver Gloves competitions, and several local MMA fighters know the only place to get elite Boxing training is at Core Combat Sports. The trophies, titles and medals Core Boxers have amassed are too numerous to count, but are a testament to the level of skill and instruction a student receives in Core’s Boxing programs.

Just Beginning Boxing?

boxing2A Core Boxing student will need a pair of hand-wraps and 16 oz gloves to start, although loaner gear is available for
first time students who want to try the class. In fact, it is recommended you come to class and get suggestions from the instructors on what brands are sturdier and more durable, and Core even sells high quality gear in the pro shop. A groin cup for male students, and a mouthguard are always advised if the student wishes to work in partner drills.

In the Beginning Boxing class, some of the areas you will master are:

  • Effective warm up exercises, breathing techniques and stretching
  • Sound technique for basic punches including jabs, straights, hooks, crosses, and uppercuts
  • Chaining various punch combinations together
  • Defensive punch parrying and punch avoidance
  • Effective footwork and rhythm
  • Heavy bag combinations to develop speed and power
  • Partner pad work to develop synergistic offensive and defensive combinations
  • Physical conditioning

The Advanced Boxing classes are taught by Abdul Jarvis, and the Fundamentals Boxing classes are taught by Terri Blair.

Find out why Boxing has been alive and well for so many years, and continues to be a striking art form by signing up for a free class today.

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