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Piloxing, Knockout & Insanity

Core Louisville / Piloxing, Knockout & Insanity

Instructor Krystal Kettler offers three high-impact fitness classes perfect for anyone wanting to get and stay in shape or for members looking to complement one of our other programs:

  • Piloxing: Combines Pilates, boxing, and dance to bring you the the most unique blend of of boxing combinations, with the sculpting and lengthening moves of Pilates, with dance moves designed to bring you the most sleek, sexy powerful you!
  • Knockout: Rounds of boxing, Pilates and plyometric sports drills to give you maximum results.
  • Insanity: 4 blocks of 30 second exercise drills that improve endurance & plyometrics, strength & balance, coordination & agility, and core strength.

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